How do I charge the products for the first time?

When charging for the first time, remove from charging case and peel off the protective film from the bottom of the product. Place them back in the charging case.* Be sure to charge your case as well! Once you see the blue dots on the outside of the case and red on the product, you are charging! 

* Make sure that the bottom of the earbuds match the pod for the left and right ear. This is indicated with “L” for Left and “R” for right. 

What is your refund policy?

Please consult our Refund Policy 

What is the difference between JewelCurve and JewelBuds?

Our Headset is a single bluetooth device, that fit right ear only.  Earbuds are a pair of devices for each ear.  Otherwise functionality is the same: you can listen to both music and talk on the phone using either product.

How much is the shipping?

We offer Free Shipping to Continental United States.   Shipping to International Addresses is $25 per item sold. Please check your address carefully before submitting an order.   We are not responsible for misdelivered or stolen shipments.  

How long is the shipping?

Free Standard Shipping is 2 Business Days.  We usually ship the day after the order is placed.  We reserve the right to combine multiple orders to the same shipping address in one shipment.

How can I replace a product?

We are offering Free Shipping for replacement products within 30 days of purchase for continental US only.    

How can I get in touch?

If you have any questions about our products or services, please Contact Us

How do I turn on the earbuds?

You can turn on our products by holding down the multi-functional button for 3-5 seconds. 

What is your privacy policy?

You can find our Privacy Policy here.

Where is the Multi-Functional Button (MFB)?

On all our products Multi-Functional Button (MFB) is the crystal itself.  

How do I pair?

To pair, open the Bluetooth settings on your device. Make sure the headsets are turned on. You should see “STYLAGA” appear on your list.

How do I change music?

To change music, click the MFB three times. You can also stop music by clicking the same button one time.  

 Have more questions? Please send us an email and a rep will respond within 24-48 hours.